The Gasoline code contains a number of components that have been outlined in a number of publications. If you want to understand the internal mechanisms of Gasoline, you should start here.

Gasoline2: A Modern SPH Code

Wadsley, James W.; Keller, Benjamin W.; Quinn, Thomas R. (2017)

This is the paper that describes the current state of the SPH method used in Gasoline. The public release began with this publication

A superbubble feedback model for galaxy simulations

Keller, B. W.; Wadsley, J.; Benincasa, S. M.; Couchman, H. M. P. (2014)

The newer "Superbubble" model for supernova feedback is described, along with some preliminary Gasoline2 features, in this paper.

Implementing molecular hydrogen in hydrodynamic simulations of galaxy formation

Christensen, Charlotte; Quinn, Thomas; Governato, Fabio; Stilp, Adrienne; Shen, Sijing; Wadsley, James

The molecular hydrogen cooling and star formation components in Gasoline are described in this paper

The First Massive Black Hole Seeds and Their Hosts

Bellovary, Jillian; Volonteri, Marta; Governato, Fabio; Shen, Sijing; Quinn, Thomas; Wadsley, James

The black hole seed formation code is described in this paper.

The enrichment of the intergalacitc medium with adiabatic feedback - I. Metal cooling and metal diffusion

Shen, S.; Wadsley, J.; Stinson, G. (2010)

The metal line cooling, as well as the Smagorinsky mixing estimator, are described in this paper

On the treatment of entropy mixing in numerical cosmology

Wadsley, J. W.; Veeravalli, G.; Couchman, H. M. P. (2008)

The artificial diffusion model used in gasoline was first described in this paper

Star formation and feedback in smoothed particle hydrodynamic simulations - I. Isolated galaxies

Stinson, Greg; Seth, Anil; Katz, Neal; Wadsley, James; Governato, Fabio; Quinn, Tom (2006)

This paper describes the basic star formation recipe used in Gasoline, as well as the cooling-shutoff based "Blastwave" supernova feedback model.

Gasoline: a flexible, parallel implementation of TreeSPH

Wadsley, J. W.; Stadel, J.; Quinn, T. (2004)

This is the original code paper that describes the first version of Gasoline. Much of the internal architecture is described here.